About BoneScience

Your Expert in Bone Health 

We Develop Dietary Supplements for a Healthy Future

Welcome to BoneScience

BoneScience develops, manufactures, and distributes dietary supplements with a focus on bone health. 

We specialize in crafting products with natural ingredients that have been formulated by doctors and experts in bone health research.

Our Commitment to Scientific Research

At BoneScience, we believe only in ingredients that prove their effectiveness and are backed by science. Our mission is to acquire all relevant scientific findings and convert them into products that improve your life. Through this commitment and careful development we want to strengthen your trust in our products.

Our Way to Create Innovations

Our expert team of researchers is committed to your health. After identifying and evaluating every ingredient that can help to improve the bone health of our customers we blend them in our capsules or tablets to create powerful formulations. 

The next step is discovering how to improve them even further. Finally, before any product is released, it is deconstructed and retested to ensure that maximum bioavailability and efficacy is achieved.

Your Bone Health is at the Core of our Actions

The purpose of our doings at BoneScience is always to enable you to live a healthy life. We fully understand the importance of healthy and strong bones. Our ultimate goal is to support children and teenagers to grow up naturally and fulfill their height growth potential. In the same way, we want to help adults counteract the effects of aging and avoid osteoporosis or osteopenia, by improving their bone density and strength. 

Be Always at Your Best

Our product developments are not only focused on your bone health. We want to design supplements for your well-being. We enrich them with important nutrients for your daily challenges and your nightly rest. 

Because we know that good nutrition, regular exercise routines, and a healthy sleep rhythm are the key to a healthy life. Our commitment is to enhance your health at everything you do. A simple desire to do something more for people. Because we take your health and trust seriously.

We Strive for Sustainability

At BoneScience, we believe in limiting our impact on the environment, without compromising on our product’s safety and quality. In the longer-term, we are trying to find more environmental-friendly packaging solutions to cut down on cardboard and plastic. Meanwhile, we encourage you to recycle your supplement containers, cardboard boxes, and shipping boxes.

Better than others

Bone health experts formulated Dr's Grow UP after years of research in the biotech lab. The result is a product containing 22 ingredients mixed in the perfect proportions to maximize bone health and height development.* 

Why BoneScience?

Science-Backed Formulations

Carrying out extensive research and keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific findings is our key to develop superior formulations. 

Best Growth Support for Kids & Teenagers*

Our products contain essential ingredients for a healthy bone and height development of kids from 10 years and teenagers.* 

Fighting Aging Effects

We are dedicated to create formulations that delay and restrict the extent of adult’s bone density decrease.*

Unmatched Product Quality

Only 100% natural ingredients that contain no soy, no gluten, no GMOs, no maltodextrin, and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 

Product Safety 

All of our products are manufactured in the US in an FDA and NSF cGMP registered facility.