Prime Height

Contains a powerful blend of micro-nutrients 
to improve your bone health and growth*

Explore our effective micro-nutrients and premium ingredients

1. Vitamins

Vitamin B6

Plays an important role in mood regulation and is needed for the development of brain functions, especially while growing up. It also helps our body to absorb vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12

Appears to have an effect on bone-building cells. Low levels of Vitamin B12 are linked to a higher risk of osteoporosis and a deficiency in kids may lead to poor development and a failure to thrive.

Vitamin C

Studies have associated Vitamin C with greater bone density. It’s essential for the formation of collagen, the foundation that bone mineralization is built on.

Vitamin D

Needed for strong bones and muscles. Without Vitamin D, our bodies cannot effectively absorb calcium, which is essential to good bone health.

Vitamin E

Has positive effects on both bone and muscle mass due to its antioxidant properties and promotes blood circulation. May reduce the rate of bone fractures in older people.

Vitamin K

Important to normal bone growth development and helps to attract calcium to the bones. Improving vitamin K status might prevent the occurrence of fractures.

2. Other Ingredients


The most important mineral for bone health. Calcium is essentially a building block of bone and helps maintain bone strength throughout your lifetime. It helps ward off osteoporosis.


Two-thirds of our body’s magnesium is found in our skeletons. It is involved in bone formation and essential to the proper functioning of nerves, muscles and all living cells.


Associated with the ability to increase bone formation over bone resorption and consequently increase bone mass. L-Arginine can also use proteins to build muscles and rebuild tissue.


Stimulates the natural growth hormone production during sleep. L-Ornithine supplementation has the potential to relieve stress and to improve sleep quality related to fatigue.


A trace element that is essential to collagen synthesis and helps provide a structural platform in bone formation. Zinc is also vital for a healthy immune system.


Is rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K and contains many other nutrients that contribute to bone health. Kale is also important for your eyes, heart, and immune system.

Our spinal column consists of 33 separate pieces of bone known as vertebrae, which are held together by ligaments.

Take a look on your skeleton and how if affects your height growth

Of these 33 bone fragments, only nine of the lowest are fused to form the back of the pelvis. The remaining 24 pieces of bone are permanently moveable and will never fuse.

7 of these 24 bone fragments make up the cervical vertebrae (neck),
12 comprise the thoracic vertebrae (back of the chest), and 5 make up the lumbar spine (waist).

Cartilages can grow or thicken depending on the environment

The ingredients in our BoneScience formulations can help strengthen and thicken the cartilages in your joints. Thereby, contributing to height growth.*

Most of the bones in the body are formed by cartilages. If the cartilage is calcified, it transforms into actual bone tissue. The bone formation and reabsorption process modify the size and density of the bone, enabling the bone to be prepared for impact or injury.


Q. What does Prime Height do for me?

A. Prime Height contains all scientifically proven vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to maximize height and promote bone health. Research shows that many children and adults are lacking vital micronutrients. Our advanced formulation can fill that nutritional gap with an optimal amount of essential nutrients for bone growth & maintenance, and joint flexibility.*

Prime Height has been formulated and recommended by medical doctors and bone health experts. It is 100% safe and manufactured in an FDA and NSF registered facility in the United States. Our advanced bone growth formulation contains the vitamins B6, B12, C, D, E, and K2; the minerals calcium, magnesium, and zinc; the amino acids L-arginine and L-ornithine; as well as the superfood kale.

Q. How shall I take Prime Height?

A. We recommend taking four (4) tablets of Prime Height daily, with a glass of water and preferably with a meal. Please note that Prime Height does not replace a healthy diet. To achieve the best results with Prime Height, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and keep a healthy sleep cycle.

Q. What is the difference between BoneScience and other brands?

A. We have developed our nutritional supplements in collaboration with medical experts in the field of bone health & growth. Together we identified the ingredients that are currently best suited to support healthy bone & health development and maintenance. We put all of those ingredients into our products and provide the best nutritional composition on the height growth supplement market. With our premium product Dr’s Grow UP we offer the highest dose of premium ingredients.

Q. How are the ingredients for BoneScience products selected?

A. We understand that besides our genetics, a well-balanced diet, quality sleep, and regular exercise are the key factors to develop and maintain healthy bones. Although Western societies enjoy an abundant food supply, research indicates that many people have a deficiency in essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

We focus our R&D efforts therefore on adding nutrients to our product formula that your regular diet might lack. At Bone Science, we believe only effective and science-backed ingredients should end up in our products. We use only the cleanest and highest quality products in the most bioavailable forms. Our proprietary formulations ensure nutrients are delivered in the ratios and forms nature intended, to enhance wellness & performance.

Q. Why should I take BoneScience products?

A. In our hectic daily routine, it can become difficult to get all the important nutrients with our regular diet. That is why we are often faced with fatigue, anxiety, bad concentration, or a height growth potential, that falls short.

BoneScience formulations cover the most common nutritional deficiencies with an optimum blend of powerful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. Kids from 10 years and teenagers can profit from Prime Height and Dr’s Grow UP with an additional height boost during their growth cycle. For adults, it might be beneficial to prevent gradually losing bone mass. The continuous intake of vital nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, potassium and manganese can reduce the risk of bone fractures, osteoporosis or osteopenia.*

Q. What age should I start taking BoneScience products?

A. All our products can be used by children from the age of 10+ years, teenagers and adults. Our formulations contain all essential ingredients for a healthy bone and height development of children and teenagers.

Please note that both Dr’s Grow UP and Prime Height contain ingredients that could boost testosterone and increase growth hormone secretion during exercise. If you are concerned that our products are not suitable for you or your children, please seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.

Q. Do BoneScience products have any side effects?

A. Our products are 100% safe and manufactured in an FDA and NSF registered facility in the United States. No side effects have been reported. Our dietary supplements contain natural vitamins, proteins, minerals, and other natural height-enhancing nutrients. BoneScience products are safe for children from the age of 10+ years.

However, if you are concerned that our products are not suitable for you or your children, please seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.

Q. Where are BoneScience products manufactured?

A. All of our Bone Science products are developed, manufactured and bottled in the United States. We deploy a strict quality management system in our production facility and comply with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and third-party quality certifications. Our manufacturing facility is registered with the FDA and NSF International.

Q. How is the safety of your supplements tested?

A. Safety is our number one priority. All raw materials are tested on product specifications, purity, and composition upon arrival in our production facility. During production, we perform tests to ensure the materials are mixed in the correct amounts. The finished products are finally tested to ensure they are free of contaminants and meet microbiological standards.

Q. Can I use BoneScience products with other supplements?

A. Yes, it is safe to use our products with other supplements. However, please make sure that you do not exceed the recommended daily value per nutrient. If you have any concerns or experience any side effects, please discuss your nutritional supplement intake with your doctor.

Q. Does a consistent intake of BoneScience products help me to grow taller?

A. The longer you take Prime Height or Dr’s Grow UP - the better are the results. If you stop using them or do not take them consistently, you might lack essential nutrients your body needs to grow taller, depending on your regular diet requirements.* We recommend using our products at least 6 to 12 months to see significant results.

Please note that our products do not replace a healthy diet. To achieve the best results with Prime Height and Dr's Grow UP, make sure you eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly, and keep a healthy sleep cycle.

Q. What is a good age to start taking BoneScience supplements if I want to improve my height?

A. Ideally, you start taking our products before your growth spurt during adolescence. Your epiphyseal plates (growth plates), are still not fused at that time. The growth period usually takes an end after your puberty. It typically ends a little earlier for women than for men.

Healthy nutrition, supplemented with BoneScience supplements and regular exercise can help you achieve that goal.* All products are safe for ages 10+.

Q. How long does it take to see results?

A. Our products are designed to proactively support your bone health, growth, and maintenance. Every individual's biochemistry is different and the length of time before you feel and see a tangible benefit will depend on your body.

However, we recommend using our products for at least 6 months to experience significant results in your height. You should take Prime Height consistently, to ensure your body gets all the nutrients required to grow taller.*

A continuous supply of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is needed for overall bone health and bone density maintenance.

Q. How much height increase can I expect when taking Prime Height or Dr's Grow UP consistently?

A. The ingredients in our formulations benefit a healthy height development for children and teenagers as long as their epiphyseal plates or also known as growth plates are not fused.* The epiphyseal plates are located at the end of your long bones, it is the place where new bone growth takes place.

Teenagers have the potential to increase their height by several inches. However, the individual height increase is depending on other factors such as your regular diet, your exercise and sleep routines. Smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, or using drugs or steroids can stunt your growth.

Q. Can your products stop my growth plates from fusing?

A. Unfortunately, they cannot. The closing of your growth plates is a natural process in your life and nothing can affect it. It is difficult to estimate when you will stop growing, as it comes at a different time for each individual. Your pediatrician can assess your situation with an X-ray scan of your hands.

Even if your growth plates have already fused, the ingredients in Prime Height and Dr’s Grow UP can help you strengthen and thicken the cartilage discs in your spine and knees. This can result in slight height gains, even after your growth plates are closed.*

Q. Can BoneScience products also be helpful to tall individuals?

A. Yes, even tall teenagers or adults, can enjoy all the benefits of our products. Our formulas are designed to promote overall body wellness and to maintain strong bones. They contain valuable vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are important for your body's metabolism and functions.*

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Our research team is committed to gaining new insights into osteology (study of bones) to promote your bone health and wellbeing.

We use our knowledge to develop scientifically sound products that our customers can trust.

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Science-Backed Formulations

Carrying out extensive research and keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific findings is our key to develop superior formulations. 

Best Growth Support for Kids & Teenagers*

Our products contain essential ingredients for a healthy bone and height development of kids from 10 years and teenagers.* 

Fighting Aging Effects

We are dedicated to create formulations that delay and restrict the extent of adult’s bone density decrease.*

Unmatched Product Quality

Only 100% natural ingredients that contain no soy, no gluten, no GMOs, no maltodextrin, and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 

Product Safety 

All of our products are manufactured in the US in an FDA and NSF cGMP registered facility.