The Perfect Couple Height Difference

Though the reality is more complicated, women often say they prefer tall men. An average American woman is about five and a half inches shorter compared to her male counterpart. 

And this is true for most places of the world including Asia and Middle East. But still, the exact science of what constitutes the perfect couple height difference specific for heterosexuals is not fully settled.

According to Polish scientists, Boguslaw Pawlowski the preference for height by males and females switches with their respective heights and this is a natural selection to widen the dating pool. And after carrying out thorough research, he concluded that the perfect height ratio between couples is 1.09. Meaning that a man should be .09 times taller than his wife.  

Women Usually Say They Prefer Tall Men

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This is a common saying worldwide. Researchers  found that women prefer their male partners to be tall and surprisingly, tall women also prefer their male partners to be taller. 

But the contrary is men preferred shorter women. And their reason is shorter women are more attractive. In an online study conducted, it was noticed that men who are 6'3" and 6'4" got almost 60% more messages from women that are interested in them compared to men who were 5'7" or 5'8". Also, women that are 6'3" tall got about 40% fewer messages from males that are interested in them compared to women that are average 5'5". 

Tallness Is a Power Play

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Beyond the romance, there’s a history of authority dynamics which play a big role in height difference. According to the National Bureau of Economics, short men often marry women that are educationally disproportionate-less educative. As a result, gender ideals are connected to stature and that tallness is linked with masculinity, dominance, as well as higher status. 

Also, there are lots of other studies that revealed some interesting facts. And one of such studies mentioned that tall men tend to get better deals and promotions at work. Therefore they make more money and get the best status in society at a large. 

But Then, What Is Responsible For The Difference In Height?

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Most people want the best height for their sex and age. And surely, even you. The good news is you don’t need to seek medical help or take toxic drugs. 

All you need is a healthy bone and here is the reason!!!

According to research published on Pubmed, there is a linear relationship between bone mineral density and height change. In that case, the first step towards better height is to ensure bone health. That’s taking precautions for better bone maintenance, development, and maturation. 

Here Are 5 Natural Ways To Built Healthy Bones

1. Eat lots of vegetables

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Vegetables help build healthy bone because they provide the body with vitamin C which is a great stimulant for bone-forming cells. And also, the antioxidant effect of vitamin C helps protect the cells of bone from damage.

Vegetables also help to increase the density of bones in children. A study conducted revealed that women who eat vegetables (onion) have about 20% decreased risk of developing osteoporosis (brittleness of bone).

2. Consume Enough Protein

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About 50% of your bone is made of proteins. Decreased protein intake affects calcium absorption leading to decreased bone formation. Here, you need to strike a balance since researchers made it clear you should consume not more than 100g of proteins per day.

In one-year research conducted to related bone mass and protein, women on a calorie-restricted diet consuming 86g of protein per day lost less bone from the spine, arm, leg, and hip regions compared to their counterparts who consume 60g daily. 

3. Eat calcium-rich foods and supplements

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The most important mineral in your bone is calcium. And because bones cells are continuously broken down and new ones formed, it’s necessary to get a good source for the maintenance of bones structure, function, and strength. 

According to the research published on, calcium supplements are effective and commonly used for bone health. And that they are helpful for both children and the elderly. 

4. Eat lots of foods containing Vitamin K and Vitamin D 

Vitamin K and vitamin D are very important for your bone health. Vitamin K helps in modifying osteocalcin which is a protein that is involved in the formation of bone. And this modification help to bind osteocalcin to bone minerals preventing the loss of calcium from bones. 

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. And nutritionist recommended a blood level of 30 ng/ml (75 nmol/l). This is excellent for healthy bone and to prevent osteoporosis. 

5. Include Foods High in Zinc and Magnesium 

Other minerals like zinc and magnesium are also important in the development of your bone. Magnesium is essential in the conversion of vitamin D to the active form. In a study conducted over 73, 000 people, it was found that people that consumed 400-milligram magnesium daily have about 2~3% increased bone density compared to people that consume half of this quantity. 

However, magnesium is found in a small amount in most foods. As a result, supplements with magnesium citrate, glycinate, or carbonate may be necessary. 

On the other hand, zinc is a trace mineral that is required only in small amounts. It promotes bone-building cells formation and reduces the breakdown of bones. 


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